Lake Cottage Bathroom Design Plans

LAST UPDATED: Feb 14, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Mar 19, 2018 | By: Julie Blanner

Our lake cottage bathroom design plans.

modern bathroom design

I’m incredibly anxious to visit our lake house this weekend. I have been planning several projects big and small and can’t wait to start working on them.

Having a second home allows me to take a slightly different direction in design. I envision our lake cottage classic with a modern twist.

To date, we’ve done a few updates like wallpaper removal and paint, but have mostly focused on necessities like keeping it dry. Last spring we experience unprecedented rainfall which helped us find several breaches – in the roof, chimney, exterior drainage pipe and sadly, more.

Now that those are corrected, I’m excited to focus on the fun stuff – decorating!

The first project I’m focusing on is the guest bath. We’re planning to do a light remodel, retaining the existing footprint, tub/shower, and tile {for now}. In the future, we will likely do wood floors which will extend into this space.

The lake cottage guest bath is small, but mighty. It’s a full bath just off the hallway seen by anyone who enters the home.

Currently, it has a tan wallpaper, it’s not bad at all, but doesn’t fit the modern aesthetic I’d love for our lake cottage to have. The pedestal sink is charming, but again, I’m looking for modern lines. And the toilet? In desperate need of being replaced. Years of hard water have taken a toll on it, so it’s time to start fresh.

modern bath

This will be a budget bathroom remodel, coming in at just $1,500! Here’s the plan:

  • a new sink – the same sink we used in our previous home and the mudroom bath.
  • a coordinating toilet
  • a new mirror
  • a 3 vanity light {I really wanted to incorporate sconces, but it was going to result in a bit of electrical work}
  • new faucet
  • grasscloth wallpaper
  • accessories

Chris and I are doing the work ourselves, with the exception of wallpaper removal. Fingers crossed we still talk afterward!

Product and accessories have started to trickle in. I’ll be back in a few weeks with photos of the finished project, but you can follow along on Instagram stories along the way!

You can shop this room and both our homes here! PS you can see how I plan a remodel / design here!