Kitchen Remodel

It’s been busy in the Blanner house the past few weeks – planning beautiful weddings, enjoying Fall fun with the girls, and completing the kitchen remodel we started last year.  Prior to moving into our home, we replaced the white carpet in the kitchen {yes, you read correctly} with hand carved hardwoods, painted the exterior of the cabinetry, replaced the hardware, added stainless to the dishwasher, removed the blue stain glass above the stovetop, and replaced the light fixtures. UPDATE: You can see the full kitchen remodel with before and after and all the details here

With the exception of paint and floors we have only invested $305 to date, including these pendant lights from Pottery Barn.
I have been anxious to eliminate the blue striped corian countertops, sink and backsplash.  Ready for the before?
So last year, I started pinning, and saving.  I knew exactly what I wanted, I have just been waiting to have the budget and patience to have my kitchen inoperable for a few days.  Clean and simple – white subway tile backsplash paired with carrara marble countertops {photo}.
Everyone has tried to talk me out of the marble countertops, but I just can’t stray from them!  They are classic, timeless, and a baker’s dream! {below photo from BHG}  I have compromised from my original hope of a farmhouse sink, to keep the original cabinetry in tact.  I have selected a beautiful, basic white sink with a faucet that compensates for it!
I’m also looking forward to adding additional functionality without adding a lot to my remodel costs.  I love my secret trash chute that eliminates the need for us to take out the kitchen trash and have an invasive can in our kitchen – it goes directly to the large trash can in the garage.  With a little modification for the subway tile, that feature will definitely stay!
Once the interior of the cabinets have been painted, I plan to utilize this idea from Martha Stewart for my skillets and bakeware.
I have a space to the side of my sink that will be perfect to incorporate this towel rack idea.  It provides and area for them to dry that’s convenient when you’re doing dishes!
Here’s a photo of it’s current status {7/15/13}. Countertops, backsplash, sink & faucet are coming soon!
and the breakfast nook. I’ve always wanted to paint this white, but to date, have not been able to convince Chris. See the full remodel here!


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