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As we prepare to get a new backsplash, countertops and appliances in our kitchen, I wanted to do one of the most important steps to making the kitchen feel new and functional.  ORGANIZE!  Waste not, want not, right?  That’s my theory behind retaining our current kitchen cabinets.  Sure, we could always add more storage, but as you’ll see here with these simple kitchen organization tips, we probably don’t even need it! {this post has been updated with kitchen-in-progress photos below!}
This before photo is more of a during-we’ve already painted the exterior of the cabinets and added new hardware.
But, those cabinets?  A mess!  I was inspired by this pretty pantry, but knew I could do it even cheaper.  I started by pulling out the contents.  Guess what?  4 jars of parsley, 2 rosemary, 3 salts and several spices I don’t even use.  Who knew?  I couldn’t believe I had been so wasteful and unorganized!
Next, I painted the interior of the cabinets to create a bright, blank canvas, one that will allow me to easily spot anything I need.
I divided the items between baking and cooking.  I inventoried each so I knew what labels to make.
Organized baking pantry - tips & tricks to maximizing space & function in your kitchen
I dumped spices I didn’t use so I could utilize jars I already owned {from a spice kit years ago} and reutilized them by putting those in plastic and metal containers in them, labeling as I went.
Free printable baking pantry labels
Always looking to repurpose to save the planet and a dime, I removed the label from my vanilla with my favorite adhesive remover.  Life saver.
remove adhesive easily via
You wouldn’t believe how nice it is to have it uniform!
Pretty Pantry DIY with free printable labels via
Pretty Pantry DIY with free printable labels via
Using 3M hooks {as to not damage the cabinet fronts}, I hung the everyday baking attachments for my KitchenAid mixer.
I had to include my measuring spoons – they were my mom’s and I use them daily!
kitchen storage ideas via
Oh how I’m anxious to eliminate those blue stripes!  As you can see, this cabinet is significantly more functional now for both my baking and cooking {stove top is just to the right and mixer is just to the left} and I will never miss all of the spices that I haven’t touched in the last 5 years!
kitchen organization tips via
$3 each for the baking soda/powder jars, $3 total for spice jars for baking ingredients – $9!
The 3M hooks were repurposed from last Christmas’ magnolia garland.  Oh yes, and the labels-sticker sheets from Avery.  I always have some on hand.  While the painting took a considerable amount of time, organizing, labeling, combining, etc only took a half hour!  A great investment!
free printable spice labels via
I wouldn’t leave you without the free printable baking pantry and spice jar labels, just click the links to download! Click here for more tips and simple solutions to get organized! Below are updated photos with the kitchen in progress. She’s coming along nicely, don’t you think?
adding additional storage in your kitchen
kitchen storage tips
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{sources: flour/sugar jars, Boos board, 3M hooks, similar spice jars, Kitchen-Aid stand mixer}


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