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I have a dirty secret.

selecting beautiful bedroom carpet

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to cross projects off of our list while time permits. We finally made a decision on what to do with the girls’ room thanks to your help on Instagram. Two and a half years ago {my how time flies} we purchased our home and wanted to replace the carpet. However, with just a week between the previous owners moving out, new moving in and having to have the entire home painted, there just wasn’t enough time. 

I’m glad we waited because as you live in a space you can consider how you use the space, an overall design concept and let’s face it, I’m horrible at rushed decisions. We decided to remove the carpet, linoleum and tile on the main level with sand and stain hardwood floors and carry that to the hall upstairs, which receives a significant amount of traffic. I felt like I could never keep the hall of our previous home clean and it just never felt polished or defined. Beyond that, we weren’t sure what we wanted to do with the girls’ rooms. But then, Dusty decided for us.

decorating ideas for a kid's bedroom

Dusty, our shelter pup occasionally started to urinate in a couple of the bedrooms when we weren’t home. Ugh! So we decided to live with the stains, the worn carpet and depleted pad until we could come up with a game plan. I am mortified when friends visit because it’s so bad. I also don’t share the girl’s rooms with you very often because of it. Our home isn’t perfect and I don’t want you to have the illusion that it is.  

Over time I trained the girls to close their doors before we leave home which has eliminated Dusty’s issue, but Chris and I kept going back and forth between hardwood floors and carpet for the girls’ bedroom. After swirling it around in my head for far too long, we’ve settled on carpet. I’m also looking forward to eliminating the void between the carpet and the baseboard. 

making a bedroom closet as pretty as the room

Thanks to my friends on Instagram who reminded me that playdates and sleepovers are more fun and comfortable on carpet, it’s quieter and of course soft on foot. I feel it’s best for this season of our lives even though I love the look of hardwoods paired with a rug. 

I thought I wanted a patterned carpet, but after giving it some thought I may want something a bit more simple and refined. I tend to change my mind – daily.

I have 3 concerns with carpet – snagging, wear and dirt, but you know I love anything light. It just feels fresh. I originally started seeking only patterns, but was drawn to the natural look of these others as well. Which of these options do you like?

low profile carpet that looks natural



low profile carpet that looks natural



low profile carpet that looks natural

Heritage Square


low profile carpet that looks natural

Park Avenue


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16 comments on “I have a dirty secret.”

  1. I like pebbletex and then park avenue the best. But they’re all nice.

  2. I normally would say option 3 – heritage square…but i’m loving the first one- pebbetex!!!
    Can you tell me where you found the blush drapery?? Are they from RH baby and child?

    • They are! If you only need 84″ in length I think I have a spare pair I can ship to you (free). We had them at the last house and I love them so much I bought them in the longer length for our new house.

  3. Julie- I actually do only need 84″ in length, as we only have the traditional 8 ft ceiling (we have crown so I’ll still be able to hang “high and wide”) I’m working on our baby girl’s nursery (due 6/4!) and am having a hard time finding anything comparable to the pretty color of RH’s petal. Her room is mostly white (due to the board and batten we are installing) with RH’s Sand dollar paint, with blush/petal accents. I keep coming back to these drapes and just knew it when I saw your post. Please email me with you are asking …I think you are able to see that without me publishing it in this response!

  4. Pebbletex or 2nd choice Park Ave.
    but always hardwoods & rug first choice????

  5. (I will email you now as well! )

  6. Heritage Square. It reminds me of a New England style ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Park Avenue appeals to me most… but my practical side would probably pick Pebbletex. Seriously, the only one I’d eliminate if choosing for my own home would be Heritage Square… but I can’t put my finger on exactly why. Everything you choose always looks beautiful so there is no right or wrong here… if you love all 4 of them.

  8. All beautiful options! In order of favorite to least favorite: Pebbletex, Park Avenue, Montego, Heritage Square. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. What is RH ? LOVE the curtains:-)

  10. Maybe I would choose the third – Park Avenue . I can recommend you to use some baking soda to clean the carpets.

  11. Pebbletex!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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