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How I Maintain a Clean Home with 6 Easy Ideas

How to maintain a clean home, or at least how I attempt to!

how to keep your home clean

To be honest, “clean” is all relative. Our home isn’t perfect and if you just drop by, you should know that I share it with 3 sweet little girls, a dog and husband that means well, but can all work against me. You should also know that I’m the worst when it comes to putting away clothes.

I recently reached out on Instagram asking what you would like to read more about and one reader responded that they would love to know my daily schedule and how I maintain our home. I have never written about either and am so excited to share with you!

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First, I believe it’s important to have organization systems in place to maintain a clean/tidy home. If everything has a place, it’s much easier to maintain. You can see how we organize our home here. It’s a work in progress with Ani’s closet next on the agenda!

tips to keep a clean home

Second, I continuously pick up as I walk through the house. If I see something in the mudroom that belongs to the office and I’m heading that direction, I drop it off and put it away. Random socks in the mudroom make their way to the stairs and when I go upstairs I drop them off to the laundry room. If anyone has any ideas on how to get your kids to put their socks in the laundry when they get home from school, please let me know! I think it’s the only downfall of second floor laundry.

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I encourage the girls to pick up daily, and reward them with 5-15 minutes of iPod time at the end of the day. Getting your family involved regularly makes it less of a chore.

Just before guests arrive I do a quick walk through the house and can usually have it picked up in 5-10 minutes because of the organization systems we have in place. I also believe living minimally contributes to making this an easier task.

how to keep your home clean without effort

As the needs of my business continued to grow and I felt I wasn’t dedicating enough time to the girls, we decided to have a cleaning service come each Friday. This allows me to maintain rather than struggle to squeeze in cleaning our home and has been a true stress relief for me as I do take pride in having a clean home. I do understand this is a luxury.

I frequently wipe countertops down with soap and water and use my cordless vacuum regularly for a quick 5 minute fix in between.

You may be surprised that I:

Don’t make the beds. Over time I have learned to let go a bit and this is one area that consumes time and doesn’t bring me joy, so unless we’re expecting guests, the beds are not made regularly.

tips to a clean home

I have piles like everyone else. In the kitchen, I use a chinoiserie bin for mail, school papers, etc to keep a tidy appearance. In the office boxes tend to pile up to take to the lake house and product for future projects, etc.

Onto my daily schedule {during the school year}:

6:00 Rise and shine, it’s workout time

6:45 Check in on emails and social

7:00 Get the big girls dressed and ready for school, pack lunches, go through schoolwork

8:30 Drive the girls to school

9:15 Shower, run errands and create or photograph

12:00 Lunch with Isla, play time/activity

2:00 Work – edit photos / write

4:00 Girls home from school

5:00 Make {or order} dinner, hang out with the girls

7:00 Showers, pick up rooms, snuggle and reading time

8:00 Time for wine and to get back to work

10:00 MADE IT! Bedtime

As the weather improves, this schedule gets much busier!

What would you like to see or read more about? Do you have any questions I failed to answer on how I maintain our home?

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10 comments on “How I Maintain a Clean Home with 6 Easy Ideas”

  1. I’ve been trying to convince my husband to hire a cleaning service. The trade off is more time with my family. There is no way I can keep up! I also have 3 kids ages 3,2, and 5 months.

    • It’s nearly impossible. Having help allows you to keep up. For several years we had every other Friday and it worked fabulous! PS I was there once too, with 3 kids 3 and under. You may not remember much of it and it goes so fast, but it does get easier!

  2. How do you clean your marble? I get nervous bringing in a cleaning service with the marble, I don’t want them to ruin it. You have a beautiful home!

    • I just have soap and water in a spray bottle that both they and I use. I wipe them down daily, sometimes several times…it just depends how much cooking I do that day. Thank you, Janell!

  3. Hi there! Great post!
    By the way, where did you buy that round side table?

  4. Hi, what do you do the rest of the day with your youngest girl? Does she let you work? Get house chores done? How old is she? Also, do you work on weekends? I work from home and have trouble having weekends free since my husband is home it’s when I catch up on work and house stuff and so I have no time off… 

    • Isla is 4 and plays on her own in a nearby room with her doll house, watches a little tv, if I’m lucky, even naps! I also incorporate her into some of what I do like recipe creation. She loves being my helper. I do often work on the weekends as much as I try not to, I can hardly help but check in, especially on social. That was in large part our intent of purchasing the lake cottage, so I could relax and disconnect. It’s always a challenge as a working parent, isn’t it?

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