Hosting a Housewarming Party

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Pomegranates and bread on a wooden cutting board.
To me, the best parties, are often the most casual parties. The kind where more emphasis is put on making guests feel at home with effortless decor and simple foods. It’s the kind of party I love to host, because I can relax and enjoy everyone’s company. That’s exactly what this is about! Tips & ideas for hosting a housewarming party – or any party at home!
A piece of bread on a white plate, with a fork and garnish to the side.
I always have a pot of mixed herbs. They’re great for preparing fresh meals, adding a little decor to a place setting and even to whip up a last minute arrangement.
Various cheeses, grapes, and walnuts on a wooden cutting board.
Fresh cheeses and fruits are a must for a quick bites in lieu of hors d’oeuvres.
Pomegranates cut in half on a wooden cutting board.
Who can resist beautiful pomegranates?
A maroon napkin on a white plate with a gold fork and garnish on top.
An orange, pomegranate, and pear in a wooden bowl.
This last minute “centerpiece” is simply leftover fruits.
A table of appetizer foods, arms reaching to get some.
For a casual table runner, I just draped a folded piece of fabric over the middle of the table, versus lengthwise. It creates unexpected interest. The frayed edges keep with the rustic decor, allowing the food to shine.
A table of various appetizer foods, including wine, cheese, bread, and fruit.
A pomegranate cut in half on a wooden cutting board.
Grapes and various cheeses on a wooden cutting board.
Call me crazy, but I love tarnished silver. Yes, I don’t enjoy polishing it, but the patina provides a nice contrast for the food.
Grapes, cheese, and crackers on a dark surface.
I prepared a quick pear, candied walnut and gorgonzola salad with a 3 minute white wine vinaigrette.
A salad on a black plate, with a person adding ingredients.
Pasta being made with a pasta maker.
I also made a simple sun dried tomato and basil pasta served on a bed of homemade fettuccine.
For dessert, berries with pre-made mascarpone cream.
Berries and Mascarpone in a clear cup on a white cloth.
and because I love a great cocktail, Prosecco Sangria.
Champagne in a glass pitcher like bottle, peaches floating in side.
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