"Homemade" Donuts, a Family Tradition

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As a child, every year on my birthday, I woke up to donuts, often freshly made.  I wanted to pass this tradition down to our kids, so for the lil’ one’s birthday, I made powdered sugar donuts.  While I prefer to ice mine, I altered hers to minimize the mess!
Powdered donuts on a plate.
Warm Crisco {one small can is sufficient, but enough so that the donuts can float} on medium to medium high heat.  Poke holes in buttermilk biscuits and set aside.  Prepare your icing or a cinnamon sugar mixture/powdered sugar mixture in a large zip lock bag.
Powdered donuts on a plate.
Using tongs, fry one donut to test-usually your oil is warm enough if it fries in 2 minutes per side.  Fry donuts, flipping at 1-2 minutes with tongs.  Remove and place on a plate lined with paper towels.  Using your favorite frosting, ice immediately or wait 1 minute and toss in  mixture.  Enjoy, just like our lil’ one did!
A baby sitting at a highchair.
Dissecting her donut.
A baby smiling after eating her donut.
I’d say that’s a happy customer!