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As many of you may know, we are preparing for a move, and yet another renovation.  We recently returned from vacationing in Concord, Massachusetts and Bethany Beach, Delaware, which provided no shortage of inspiration.  One of the things that drew me to the home I purchased is that it has an East Coast Colonial feel.  
I neglected to photograph the gorgeous flowers that line the homes.  If only we could grow hydrangea like those in the Northeast!  Below is a photograph of my soon to be office surrounded by a gorgeous, low maintenance garden.  Is there any better kind?

To maintain the integrity and natural look of this home, the cedar shingles were only slightly stained. It’s the best of both worlds-a natural look, while protecting the shingles from warping and deteriorating.  I love the bright white trim.

While I thought I would like to allow cedar shingles to naturally grey, it’s not in my personality to tolerate the mismatched look of replaced shingles.

A subtle grey with bright white trim is a viable option for our home and would fit well into our Old Leawood neighborhood.

Tan and white may fit in all too well for me in the area we live.  
A sea glass colored door is just the right pop of color for my taste.  

The East Coast offers the best in exterior lighting.  A detail that I feel should not be overlooked.  It just adds so much character!  Below are a few of my favorites from Pottery Barn and Lowes.  After all, it’s embarrassing to be caught photographing the homes of your “neighbors.”

I’m anxious to share our family photos and more home inspiration with you!

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