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Be Our Guest | Guest Bedroom Ideas

Phoebe Howard

To be honest, I’m not overly proud of every room in our home. We’ve been here two and a half years and it’s still a work in progress. We did make a little progress last week that I can’t wait to share with you, but that requires an hour of daylight to snap a few photographs and with the beautiful 70 degree sunny weather we’ve been having, I can’t seem to stay indoors long enough.

Our guest bedroom is a collection of furniture from our past few homes and unwanted decor, but it is at least functional. We call it the guest bedroom, but it’s really Dusty’s bedroom. He spends more time there than everyone else combined. We use the bed in there to fold laundry, the closet to store miscellaneous things we’re too lazy to carry down to the basement, yet I stare at it each time I walk down the hall toward my bedroom. 

The guest bedroom also has one of the prettiest views in our home – it overlooks a small pond across the way and feels so peaceful. But when looking in, well, I’m honestly embarrassed. 

When I saw this pretty blue French bed I was overwhelmed with it’s beauty and detail. I think it’s time to let go of the past {random furnishings} and look to the future by creating a guest bedroom I’m proud of. 

neutral french inspired guest bedroom furniture

I want the guest bedroom to be warm, simple, functional and most of all, relaxing. I want our guests to feel welcome and at ease, so I’m choosing a muted color palette that compliments the pond views.

You may recall we included this beautiful chest of drawers in the girls lake cottage bedroom. We love it so much that I’m eager to include it in the guest room as well. The detail is impeccable and I love the soft close drawers, charging station, and of course the color. 

I also like to incorporate a comfortable chair in a guest room, perfect for changing, reading a book or just anchoring a lonely corner.

I’m hoping I can manage to make this happen in the midst of our kitchen renovation, but know it will be worth the effort. What furnishings do you like to include for a guest bedroom?

entertaining expert and lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner

5 comments on “Be Our Guest | Guest Bedroom Ideas”

  1. I’m overwhelmed lately with all the renovations I want to do to our house. Some rooms will be simple, a new coat of paint and updating furniture. But we’re talking about new flooring for our kitchen and extending it into our living room (which now has carpet). The biggest project will be our kitchen, we plan on replacing everything (except our stove and dishwasher which were both new the last couple years). I’m taking down overhead cabinets that separate the kitchen and dining room and adding an island.No guest bedroom here as all five bedrooms are filled…four with kids and ours! 🙂 Thanks for the ideas, I always get inspiration when I visit your blog Julie!

    • I completely get that. I’d love to fill the guest room with another little one, but I think that season has passed. Take your renovations in stride and you’ll design a home you love that functions for your family. Have a beautiful evening, Kimi!

  2. Those are all beautiful pieces, and the color scheme is so calm and relaxing. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

  3. Julie, sounds like a lovely plan! I agree, every guest room needs a comfortable chair for reading, etc. A guest shouldn’t have to lie on the bed in order to relax on her own with a book. A folding luggage rack is nice to have as well.

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