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Isla staring at Aunt Cheryl with those bright blue eyes

It’s been a few weeks since I have written about living big. Each day I reflect and assess on how well I’m living big by living small. I feel last weekend I was at my best. We spent the weekend in St. Louis and I spent much of it with a dead cell phone battery. After a couple hours of feeling anxious, I actually felt relaxed. I had Chris and the girls with me…no one else truly needs to get in touch with me. We spent Friday night with friends, Saturday at Purina Farms with family and Sunday enjoying Grant’s Farm, running into one of my best friends from college. As always, we ended our trip with a visit to the cemetery to remember my mom and a concrete at Ted Drewes to celebrate her. Feeling full, we began our journey back to Kansas City, when all of the sudden, I felt Chris slam on the breaks. There in front of us I saw a   tractor trailer skidding sideways on the highway tilting over and a car going over the cables in the middle of the highway. We quickly pulled over and I called 911 as Chris jumped out of the car. Incredibly, the skilled truck driver was able to safely navigate his rig and pull over to the side and the two young girls emerged from the vehicle unscathed. It was a miracle. As my heart began to settle, I thought about how important it is to live each day small, it’s the little things you appreciate. Those moments when the kids are singing in the back seat of the car or your husband’s hand around your back. I’m starting this week off feeling very fulfilled, not needing anything but the present.

Adalyn intently watching the dog show at Purina Farms


Ani curiously watching a chicken on the run
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