Botanics and Beauty Girls Night In and The Best Infused Water Recipes

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Easy flower arrangement using a collection of glassware The week we moved to St. Louis, my friends Amanda and Tori hosted a makeup party where we shared beauty tips and an abundance of laughs. As the years have passed and our schedules have become more hectic, we get together less frequently, but when we do it’s always so much fun! It’s amazing how much we learn from one another. Sometimes, we just need an excuse to get together. Whether you’re inviting friends over for a girls night in, hosting a bridal luncheon or honoring the mothers in your life, a beauty party is a fabulous way to do it! I’m sharing some simple ideas for hosting a girls night in… Water Bar | Set up a fruit infused water bar for a refreshing summer party Offering a signature drink or setting up a bar allows me to relax and enjoy my guests. This water bar consists of nearly calorie free fruit infused water recipes that will leave you feeling refreshed! Here are a few of my favorite fruit infused water recipes: Fruit infused water recipes | Grapefruit Water

Grapefruit Infused Water

Combine 2 parts water to 1 part club soda. Add fresh grapefruit slices and a few mint leaves. Allow to infuse for 4+ hours. Blueberry Lemon Infused Water Recipe | Water Bar Blueberry Lemon Infused Water Add fresh lemon slices and blueberries to a pitcher or carafe of water and allow to infuse for 4+ hours. The best infused water recipes Cantaloupe Infused Water Combine 2 parts water cantaloupe, cubed. Allow to infuse for 4+ hours and add 1 part club soda.

Easy centerpiece idea - deconstructed plant

I have absolutely no floral training, but I have a lot of fun with flowers! I’ve been “arranging” flowers for years with deconstructed plants. I did it in my event planning career as a cost saving measure, but have continued to deconstruct plants because it’s an unexpected and beautiful way to create a tablescape. I’m so excited to partner with Boots Botanics – I recently switched my skincare regimen and tried the Microdermabrasion Polish among a few other products. It made my skin feel vibrant and refreshed, inspiring this hibiscus centerpiece. Hibiscus is one of the most powerful anti-aging plants there are, which makes it even more stunning! Plants often offer more blooms than you can get in a single bouquet and they’re all in various stages of blooming. I like to incorporate buds just as much as full blooms. To create this flower centerpiece you’ll need: 1 hibiscus plant a collection of bud vases, champagne glasses and recycled bottles shears The details: Measure each stem to its “vase” and cut it at an angle. Remove any leaves that will be below the top of your vase. Also remove any excessive or damaged leaves. For bowls or low glassware like champagne glasses shown, cut just below the thick portion of the stem below the bloom and insert into water. Beautiful girls night in party with an easy DIY centerpiece and recipes Collectively the individual vases fill the table with color and make it feel special, in less than 5 minutes! Beautiful and inexpensive centerpiece idea Of course I wouldn’t forget party favors – my favorite skincare products gathered in muslin bag! Beautiful party favor ideas Beautiful Girls Night In or Bridal Luncheon ideas! I always try to include true crowd pleasers in gift bags, so I added tinted lip balm and a fabulous lip gloss in hollyhock. Beautiful girls night in party idea One thing I’m not willing to share is facial oil – life changing! Pretty party ideas that are as effortless as they are beautiful Host an afternoon of beauty and fun with this easy party idea! This is not your ordinary bridal shower! Get elegant and effortless diy ideas. I hope you have fun with your friends celebrating with a girls night in!

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