The Girls’ Lake Bedroom Plans – Debunked

LAST UPDATED: Apr 30, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Nov 04, 2016 | By: Julie Blanner


I’m so excited that we’re finally venturing back to the lake this weekend. It’s been over a month since we’ve been and I’m hanging onto hope that the trees are holding leaves of reds, greens, and golds. I’m also looking forward to finishing the girls’ bunk bedroom. As a child, I always dreamed of having a clubhouse or a little hideaway and that’s exactly what I envision this room being for them. {Photo: Ashley Whittaker Design}

Their bedroom is far away from ours, giving them plenty of privacy to get creative. That’s when the magic happens. I find myself giving them some space and will peek around the corner from time to time to see what kind of fun they’re up to. They put on plays, play school, teach each other yoga and gymnastics and it’s just as sweet as can be.

I’ve filled the walls of our home with pretty neutral paint colors, but for their bedroom at the lake cottage, I’m painting it a beautiful blush and accenting with a soft sage and french blue.


I am writing this as we take the nearly 4 hour drive to the lake because I wanted to share more of the process with you, rather than just the before and after. You can see the early stages of my planning and what inspired me here. I plan to capture step-by-step photos, but this will give you a glimpse of what I have planned.

See the above photo? It’s actually just a little something I created in Microsoft Word. I often use it to determine scale for my designs, especially since I’m planning from afar. The dresser is 45″, so I snagged a photo from the brand’s website and resized it to 4.5″. I couldn’t decide how large the painting should be, so I snagged the picture from the website and resized until I was comfortable.  I took that measurement and scaled it to order the exact size I wanted online. This way I can see what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s a little of my inspiration:


I’ve been in love with this wallpaper for years. The subtle bedding, sconce {which is identical to the one in our lake cottage kitchen} and monogram make this tiny space feel special. Source: House Beautiful








So I have this thing for attic bedrooms, but isn’t this sweet? Again, I love the use of wallpaper, but opted to bring color in through paint to keep updates simple. The trunk doubles as a nightstand and the rug nestles between the beds just perfect. Source: Country Living











This beautiful bedroom is the essence of what how I want our primary home to feel – warm, light, blended and full of texture. While I’m designing the girls’ room to be more playful I keep referring to this inspiration photo from Country Home magazine. I want to bring in a lot of texture, art that makes a statement and the same symmetry.












I look forward to sharing the finished space next week. Until then, it’s just a family of 5 crammed in a car filled with art, furniture and flowers. Wish you were here! I’ll see you Thursday with the finished space and a video of how I decorated it from start to finish!

Have a beautiful weekend!