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For the Love of Quatrefoil and Alexa Hampton

brass light fixtures | quatrefoil basil flush mount light

I had considered these pretty brass quatrefoil lights {in the smaller size} for the hall of our previous home, but at the time, they were just a dream. I almost always have a wish list a mile long and these basil flush mounts by Alexa Hampton have always been on it. Alexa Hampton has long been one of my favorite designers with a lot of her work showcased in Architectural Digest, Traditional Home and House Beautiful. She blends buffalo check with formal interiors that always inspire me and the prettiest lighting that adds elegance and grace to even the most tired of homes.

Beautiful dining room designed by Alexa Hampton in Architectural Digest

Alexa Hampton

When we first moved, we had the bright orange walls painted to a favorite shade of cream and later replaced the carpet with sand and stained hardwood floors. Inspired by Emily Henderson, I began decorating. Then I realized, I’m not Emily Henderson and I want my office to be a reflection of me and fit into our home.


traditional home office with a floating wood partners desk

I started collecting pieces, like the floral painting you see, which were just 3/$1. Yes, crazy, right? It was one of the best garage sale finds of all time. My friend Tori and I were driving through neighborhoods in charming Kirkwood, Missouri when we stumbled upon those. 

traditional home office with a floating wood partners desk

In Henderson style, I went for a colorful velvet drape {from RH Outlet}, but paired it with a Belgian linen chair for balance. I loved the idea of floating the partner’s desk as well. However, I decided to forgo the gallery wall I was collecting for and painted a buffet in a dusty navy instead {more photos to come}. 

beautiful office with wood partners desk, linen chair and velvet curtains

One dream didn’t change – and that was the pretty brass quatrefoil basil flush mount light designed by Alexa Hampton I had longed for. I waited, debated and lived with the boob light for a couple years and just let it be because of the dreaded popcorn ceilings we have, but decided that I’ve earned it. Our home has earned it. When you step inside our home into the foyer, my office is directly to the left, one of the first spaces you see and while that popcorn isn’t getting any prettier, our office is. One little fixture not only changed how the office looked, but how I look at the office. 

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brass light fixtures | quatrefoil basil flush mount light

Some things are worth waiting for, like this pretty little quatrefoil. So save them. Pin them. Plan for them. If it brings you a little joy, go for it. Homes were meant to be loved and lived in. 

traditional office for home

Do you have a wishlist for your home and a list of designers you’re drawn to? 


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15 comments on “For the Love of Quatrefoil and Alexa Hampton”

  1. Having just moved, my wishlist is a mile long!!! It’s a case of constantly reevaluating what you want to do first! We don’t have a bathtub in our master bath, so that was top of the list- and I wanted a cast iron tub. That reno starts in two weeks and I can’t wait! The kitchen is next and it’s a complete gut. All this other light changes and other list items will have to wait a bit!

    I’m totally drawn to Studio McGee. Their light and bright style makes my heart sing!!!

    • That’s so exciting! I’m still trying to convince my husband that we need a tub in our master. Studio McGee designs are always beautiful. Best wishes on your remodel!

  2. Such a calming and beautiful office! Your last paragraph really resonates with me “…save them. Pin them. Plan for them. If it brings you a little joy, go for it. Homes were meant to be loved and lived in.”
    I, like you, have a mile long wish list and pin everything to a secret wish list board. Months later, I revisit and see if that product image still brings me the excitement it initially did, and if we have a need and budget for it, it’s purchased!

    • Thanks, Carrie! Every now and then I decide something on the wish list isn’t that important – it pays to wait. I find saving ideas helps me prioritize as well. I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  3. I started following Hello Lovely a few months ago and the day she posted her first photo of a Pamela Pierce designed room… I was hooked. The lighter wood tone of your desk and the soft upholstery color and fabric choice… even the rug… such a similar feel.

  4. Did I miss where the desk is from? I love it!

  5. Thank you! Wish there was a cheaper look-alike:)

  6. I love your wall colour!
    Is it Lowe’s Zurich White?
    Your room is beautiful.

  7. What a great rug! I so enjoy “touring” your soothing home.

  8. I love the desk. Where did you buy it? What are the dimensions? Thank you.

    • Restoration Hardware – it’s their partner desk which I think is still available. There’s also a new “raw desk” by Ave that is similar and gorgeous. Enjoy!

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