First Birthday Party

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The letter \"A\" made out of flowers wrapped together.
I just can’t believe it!  Adalyn is one!  This “1” wreath marked the occasion.
A table with a birthday cake, cupcakes, and other sweets to celebrate a first birthday party.
Vintage doilies served as placements for the birthday cake, plates and napkins.   A mix of white cake stands and platters were used along with a painter’s canvas for a soft, yet rustic look.  The monogram wreath made a great backdrop.  The dessert table included cake pops, meringues, sugar cookies, brownie cupcakes with peanut butter cream cheese icing {embellished with little “1”‘s and “A”‘s},  donut holes and of course, cake!  
Cupcakes alternating with the letter \'a\' and the number \'1\' on them.
Doughnut holes on a ceramic cake stand.
A birthday cake with long, purple, lit candles.
I envisioned a simple cake loaded with Creative Candles for a pop of color.
Paper gift bags with mini doilies on the front.
This favor bag project proved that creating something beautiful, doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult.  I adhered paper doilies with a glue stick to kraft lunch bags that I cut to the appropriate size.  Filled with treats for the lil ones, these bags stand out from the party store variety and cost just $3 to create.

A pinboard on a table filled with pictures of the birthday girl.

Favorite photographs and milestones hung from an empty frame – a quick and easy diy project.
A baby picture of the birthday girl.
A slideshow of Adalyn’s first year played to showcase her and minimize the television.
The mantle was adorned with eyelets and ribbons.
To allow my guests to easily serve themselves and to better allow me to engage with my guests, I like to set up a beverage bar.  I display everything needed for guests to help themselves.  For this bar, I did a signature drink-grape punch as well as water.  I completed the bar with an ice “bucket”, scoop, dry erase marker {tags}, and glasses.
Punch with a container of ice to the side.
Punch with a container of ice to the side.
I wouldn’t leave you without the recipe!
Punch Recipe
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I took Adalyn’s photos monthly to watch her growth through the first year.  For more ideas on how to commemorate your baby’s first year through photographs, click here.
A picture of the birthday girl for every month since she was born.
Thank you to our beautiful daughter for an amazing 12 months!

mini loaves of bread gift wrapped