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Farmhouse Christmas Decor in the Mudroom

Farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas – simple ideas, easy and inexpensive diy Christmas decor.

I have mixed feelings about the word “farmhouse”, mostly because I feel it’s overused and let’s face it, I’m not living on a farm. However, I couldn’t find a better word to describe our mudroom. It’s what inspired this space.

Long before Chip and Jo, I was drawn to the warm detail of wood walls and brick floors that had long been incorporated in traditional homes and my Aunt Essie’s farmhouse in Southeast Missouri. Today I’m sharing our farmhouse Christmas decor in the mudroom, one of my favorite spaces to decorate for the holidays.

farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas that last all winter

I see decorating as an opportunity to deep clean. I had intended to find the dirt getting caught in the mortar between the bricks {actually the reason we installed them}, but I hadn’t anticipated the beads I would find under the baskets where the girls keep their shoes. A mom never knows what she’ll find next!

Christmas decorating ideas for the mudroom / entryway

As I transition rooms from one season to another with our decor, it also encourages me to transition things like jackets, coats and shoes. I filtered outgrown and out of season shoes and coats from the mudroom, either donating them or storing them in the cedar closet in the basement.  I think it’s one of the easiest ways to maintain a clutter free, organized home.

farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas with a diy swag

One thing I think we’re all drawn to when we hear farmhouse is the simplicity. There’s nothing simpler than foraging . Our farmhouse Christmas decor started with a walk around our property outside. A few snips of juniper with blue berries and a little ribbon is all I needed to decorate the mudroom.

farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas

I created a little swag {let me know if you’d like a tutorial on how to create them} to hang from our spare coat hook and adorned it with ribbon.

farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas that last all winter

For winter, I replaced the plate that hangs above the mudroom door with a branch, using a piece of fishing line to attach it to the nail. It feels so festive!

simple Christmas decorating ideas from lifestyle and home blogger Julie Blanner

Finally, a few branches stuffed into the crock by the door completes the room along with a soft throw we use for an occasional winter golf cart ride around the neighborhood.

farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas that last all winter

What does farmhouse mean to you? Do you love farmhouse style?

Christmas decorating ideas for the mudroom / entryway

You can get all the details of this farmhouse mudroom in this post or by watching the video in this post!


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5 comments on “Farmhouse Christmas Decor in the Mudroom”

  1. Love these photos. everything looks so crisp and clean in your home <3 It's nice and simple décor for the holidays too which I just love nowadays!
    XO Ellen

  2. Where is the bench from?? Gorgeous.

  3. Excellent images. All look so clean and tidy. Well, that’s the specialty of farmhouses. I will definitely use your techniques for this Christmas Eve. Thank you so much, Julie.

    4.0 rating

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