Fall Decorating | Mini Pumpkins

LAST UPDATED: Sep 07, 2018 | PUBLISHED: Oct 12, 2012 | By: Julie Blanner
fall decorating with mini pumpkins
One of the many ways I add natural fall decor to our home is with miniature pumpkins. They’re so easy to incorporate throughout the home to add a hint of fall. You can add them to a platter or in a bowl for a quick centerpiece…
or allow them to overflow!  They’re pouring out of an old cheese box.
Add them to anything they fit in!  I replaced my dried lavender with a pumpkin in the hall bath.
Use any type of candlesticks to put them on display.  You may recall, about 5 years ago I placed them on crystal candlesticks of varying heights for an easy Thanksgiving tablescape.  This makes a great piece on a piano, buffet, cabinet or centerpiece!
At just 50 cents apiece, you can fill your home with hints of Fall.