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You Can Always Get What You Want

what to look for in an end table

When we moved into our current home, very little of our existing furniture fit with the floor plan. This is our 4th home and with each we’ve purchased new pieces, inherited family heirlooms and well, ten years later our style, needs and budget have changed. Sometimes through time you end of with a collection of things you don’t really love. Can you relate?

We furnished our family room utilizing pieces we owned that fit – my grandmother’s wardrobe repurposed as a linen cabinet, my great-grandmother’s piano, our oversized sofa, a set of baskets, and two trunks. It’s eclectic, but pieces well together. However, I haven’t loved the trunks in years. I love that they provide additional storage {the girls call the coffee table trunk “the library”}, but even though they’re real wood, the finish makes them look fake and I prefer a softer, warmer aesthetic. 

natural wood end table

I think a lot of us have the mentality that we can’t purchase a piece at a time, but need to do a room at a time. I used to think that way myself, and sometimes still work that way, but why not design over time with the end result in mind? It’s fun, far less stressful and then you can find the right pieces along the way.

tips for buying end tables

Well, one day I was reading my friend Melaine’s blog, My Sweet Savannah and saw the prettiest wood end table from Bellacor in her home. I had to have it. At the time I wasn’t sure if it would be for our future lake cottage, if it would work in our family room or if I might want to incorporate it into the living room, but I was enamored, so I pinned it. If you follow me on Pinterest you’ll see that I always have an array of projects going on, even if just in my head. It’s where I save my wish list. Sometimes things stay there for months, even years {like my pretty office light that will be hung next week}. But before I buy, I want to have a really firm idea of how I want the space to look and feel {and have the budget for it, of course}.  

tables that stand the test of time

After a lot of thought, I decided the end table would fit beautifully into our family room. Your home should be a collection of things you love and this end table is it! I love the beautiful spindle legs, the soft, natural wood finish and the pretty woodwork on the top of the table. But what I really love about the table is that it peeks just above the sofa. An end table should be within 2″ of your sofa’s arm height, whether above or below. Given that this end table is in the corner of the room, I wanted a little peek of it from across the room, so it’s the perfect height. 

tips for purchasing an end table

When purchasing furniture, I look for real wood, not veneer, detail, color and a timeless, classic style. These pieces will tend to stay with you longer and transition from room to room or home to home well. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. An eclectic mix adds interest to your home. It’s okay to blend different woods and finishes, materials, and shapes. More than anything, go for the piece you love!

finding the perfect end table to fit your family or living room

This post is in partnership with one of my favorite online shopping resources, Bellacor. 


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13 comments on “You Can Always Get What You Want”

  1. I love that you got this! It looks fantastic! I almost painted mine. After seeing yours I am so glad I didn’t! xoxo

  2. That really is a beautiful table! The detail is just perfect. And those legs…swoon. In your pictures, what it really does for me is it also draws my eyes to that beautiful wood carving you have on the wall by it. The two pieces work together perfectly. Looking forward to seeing that light fixture now, too!

  3. I had been admiring that same table for a while and finally ordered it on Tuesday. I can’t wait to get it and hope it looks just as good in my home as it does in yours!

  4. The room is absolutely perfect, Julie. So inviting. Love it! Thanks for reaching out.

  5. Thanks for the great post! That is a beautiful table. I’d also love to know where your sofa is from.

  6. Swooning over this timeless style. So pretty! We’re under contract on our first house and I’ve been searching for items we didn’t already have, like an area rug. Do you mind sharing where yours is from? I’m sorry if you’ve shared this before- I just found your blog a week ago! 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Amazing tips, I am putting this on my “must remember” list. Thanks for sharing!

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