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Easy Way to Paint Furniture

After years of painting furniture, I finally perfected the quickest, easiest and most durable method.  Since we had a significant amount of space to furnish in our new home, it seems all I am doing is painting my Craigslist finds.  Honestly, I was making it too hard.  Until recently, I haven’t used spray paint in years for furniture.  I always found it spotty and if the can malfunctioned, the coat was sure to be uneven.  With my new method, it’s inexpensive, and I can complete a piece of furniture in an hour or less.
Step 1: 
The dreaded sanding.  If you don’t have a hand sander, invest in one.  It was the best $40 I have ever spent.  It is amazing.  The wash stand below was sanded in less than 10 minutes.  If you don’t want to make the splurge, just lightly sand with a piece of sand paper. You can also use this method to paint without sanding.
Step 2:
Wipe the furniture clean with a damp cloth, removing any dust.
Step 3:
I am not receiving compensation from this product, though I wish I was!  Rustoleum 2x Primer.  Spray it on about a foot away, keeping it moving the entire time.  Allow to dry {about 20 minutes}.  It’s not your average spray paint.  It’s amazing.  It provides a smooth, even finish.
Step 4:
Using Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2x, spray evenly and allow to dry 20 minutes.  Follow with a second coat.  I recommend a can of primer and 2-3 cans of paint for each piece of furniture.
It’s a good thing that we don’t have neighbors behind us.  This is a typical day for our backyard.


It has a strong finish and doesn’t get any easier!  To see how my painted projects fit into their new space, click here.
{After photo credit: Click Photography}

8 comments on “Easy Way to Paint Furniture”

  1. Wow I never thought of spray paint. i always do it the hard way. I may try this.

  2. Spray paint has a good finish and texture, but it still depends on how you coat your stuff. The quality will depend on how the paint is equally distributed all over the subject. So it needs to be done carefully.

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  4. I LOVE me a bottle of spray paint! I actually need to get spraying more pieces soon! Your furniture turned out great!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  5. Julie- is the cover 2x actually the paint color you used (white) or is there an added step in between the primer and cover where you have to use actual spray paint? Just clarifying.

  6. We have an old TV console that we want to paint black for our current screening room. Once its been spray painted- can the spray paint be removed at some point to refinish it to its original state if we desire to do so in the future?

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