How to Make Glitter Art

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One of the easiest ways to transform your home for a party is to switch out your art.  I created this New Year’s decor for a Style Me Pretty New Year’s shoot, photographed by Alea Lovely. It’s quick & easy to make glitter art.
New Year's party decor
New Year's party decor
As you can see, I used them in a number of different ways…
dessert bar backdrop
New Year's decor ideas
and art in the living room
New Year's Eve party
they couldn’t be easier to create!
To create your own in just minutes:
Print your designs in a light shade – I did mine in the lightest gray and printed on fast draft.
Using a glue pen, trace your design, one word at a time to prevent drying.
Cover the area in glitter and continue.
Turn your card stock to remove the glitter and allow to dry.  Once dry, dust off the excess.
{DIY photos, Julie Blanner}  Click here to see more from the New Year’s Eve Party photo shoot.

This year’s New Year’s theme is all that glitters and shines.  Using votives that I already had, glitter and spray adhesive, I created illuminating decor that just may make another appearance at Adalyn and Aniston’s birthday party.  First & last image credit: Alea Lovely, as seen on our NYE photo shoot on Style Me Pretty.

DIY Glitter Votives featured on Style Me Pretty

I sprayed the bottom half of the votives with spray adhesive. If you want a clean, polished line, just use painter’s tape.

For sake of ease, I just dipped the votives in the bottle of glitter.  Areas covered in glue are covered.  Tap and remove.

30 seconds later, you have this:

Allow to dry.  For cylinders, I just tossed a pile of glitter onto my kraft paper work space.

Spray the cylinder and roll.
diy glitter votives
diy glitter votives

mini loaves of bread gift wrapped