Easy Christmas Decor

LAST UPDATED: May 11, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Nov 19, 2012 | By: Julie Blanner

Looking for easy and inexpensive ways to infuse a little holiday into your home? In the coming days, I’ll be pulling out the bins of holiday decor, but each year I love to mix it up a little.  This year, I started in our yard.  We needed to clear the flower beds of pinecones.  Adalyn loved helping me collect them.  We have such an abundance, I may even utilize them on our Christmas tree.  First, I added them to my trifle dish.  The ribbon is a remnant from last year’s gift giving.  This piece adds a hint of holiday in a nook of our kitchen that is otherwise untouched.

Bookcases also provide a great location – here I added pinecones to a milk glass dish.
As I scoured our gardens, I discovered a bush full of berries that I didn’t know existed/produced them.  In a few quick snips, I filled a pitcher, a vase and a chalice.  All I had to do was remove a few leaves.
Earlier this year a friend gifted me this beautiful silver tray.  Normally on upright display in our bookshelves, I decided to utilize it as a host to the random candles that were filling my cabinets, just waiting to be used again.
Below, I replaced the dried lavender with more fresh berry stems.
For the dining room, I placed a cake stand on the burlap runner and added a centerpiece wreath and a candle.
Adalyn may be just two years old, but she created this centerpiece below for me with a little instruction.  Trimmed pine branches topped with berries and pinecones surrounding a candle.
For now, I’m going to refrain from decorating for Christmas, but I look forward to winterizing our home for the holidays!
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