Do It Yourself Aprons

LAST UPDATED: May 03, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Jan 28, 2013 | By: Julie Blanner

For Adalyn’s birthday party, I wanted to share a few of her favorite things. She loves her aprons. Since we were decorating sugar cookies and painting, both sure to be a little messy for toddlers, I included aprons as party favors. For the same or less than I’d spend on a gift bag full of junk, I was able to give the girls a keepsake that I hope they will cherish.




I purchased basic white ruffled child size aprons for under $5 each at Hobby Lobby. Using just a 1/4 bottle of petal pink Rit dye, I dyed them pink in the washing machine – only a couple minutes of hands on time! After the cycle is complete, wash again with detergent and dry.
To embellish the aprons, but avoid sewing altogether, I used Wonder Under and a little fabric. Wonder Under is an amazing inexpensive product, found in the fabric section {by the yard} that adheres on both sides. Here are the easy step by step instructions:



Cut fabric and Wonder Under close to size. Warm your iron to the cotton setting {without steam}. 
Turn your fabric so that the wrong side is facing you and place the rough side of Wonder Under down on the fabric. Iron for 7 seconds and allow to cool.
Cut fabric combo to desired shape.
Carefully peel the paper from your fabric, exposing the Wunder Under that adhered. 

Position the fabric to your apron and iron firmly on the wool setting for 15 seconds.

It adds just the perfect amount of detail, for very little effort! These are great favors or gifts!