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DIY Wet Bar


DIY wet bar with open shelves & salvaged wood

The basement updates are almost complete! Now that we have a beautiful living room area, completed the bathroom & guest suite, it was time to transition the awkward piece of furniture into something more beautiful & more useful! We had always dreamed of a finished lower level where we could relax & entertain guests. We transformed what was once a questionable addition into a diy wet bar.

At first, we planned to paint it all white, but I couldn’t help but think what might be underneath all those layers of paint. We removed the hardware & used a belt sander to reveal unbelievably gorgeous wood. I immediately fell in love!

refinishing furniture

I retained the original brass hardware, but changed out the faucet for a wet bar style faucet. When we first looked at the house I thought “that’s odd, they built the sink outside of the bathroom” only to find a vanity in the bathroom. This piece of furniture had already been adapted with a small sink & bathroom style faucet.


To complete the look, we {okay, Chris} added shelving. We selected pre-made wood brackets & 1×4’s, painting both in the same trim paint we used throughout the house – a white semi-gloss. They come with all of the necessary hardware & instructions, making this project so easy. Measured, hung & VOILA!, a wet bar {aka convenient cocktails}.

how to style a bar

Now who’s coming over for drinks?


wet bar styling

Supplies to create your own, all available at Lowe’s unless noted:

furniture – small dresser / sideboard*


small sink



belt sander {you’ll use this over & over again if you love to diy}

sandpaper for sander



how to create a wet bar

how to create a wet bar

and of course no bar is complete without a little styling. I snagged the brass tray from our living room, which used to host Chris’ scotch/whiskey favorites, & will now use it for signature cocktail ingredients to make entertaining easy, fun & beautiful. {This pretty concoction will be making it’s debut later this week.}

pretty diy wet bar

Bar essentials like a cocktail shaker & key shaped bottle opener add a little extra charm to the pretty little cart.


I am so excited with the final result & am a firm believer of making the best of what you have. This project was inexpensive, but adapted something I cringed at to something I adore that fits our lifestyle. Follow along on Instagram with #celebratehome Do  you want to see a before? Alright…


Disclaimer: supplies for this project were generously sponsored by Lowe’s. As always, all opinions & ideas are my own, but I am thankful for the opportunity to work with them & share my projects with you! #SpringIsCalling – are you ready?

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  1. So creative and beautiful. Love the new look of the wood!

  2. The hardware on the top left is upside down 🙂

  3. Sorry, top right : /

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  5. love the styling on this! it came out wonderfully 🙂

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