DIY Relaxed No Sew Roman Shade

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  • Would you believe that I have lived a year without window treatments in our kitchen?  Our window was awkward – a partial bay window {2 parts bay, 1 part doorway to my office/sunroom}.  Not to mention the sizes are anything but standard.  I tried to appease my husband and just purchase, but not only could I not find anything that fit, I couldn’t find anything I liked.  I want our breakfast area to have a casual cottage feel.


    Duvet cover
    Tension rod
    Stitch Witchery


    Step 1: I started with a duvet cover to eliminate sewing and doing very much stitch witchery.
    Step 2: Think out the already sewn ends to maximize your duvet and minimize your “sewing” and cut to exact width – or two to three inches longer for a looser effect and your desired length.  Remember, you can always go longer and cut shorter later.
    Step 3:  Create a small hole at one/both {if both are sewn} sides for your tension rod to go through.

    Step 4:  Hang inside out to pin your stitch witchery on the side if needed.  I didn’t sew/stitch witch the bottom!  

    Step 5:  Stitch witch, allow to cool and turn inside out.
    Step 6:  Hang again.
    Step 7:  Thread a ribbon just over the top of your tension rod and pull fabric up to desired height, folding unsewn edge under.  Repeat for the other side.
    Step 8:  Adjust if needed, tie a bow and trim!

    Each took about 30 minutes to do.  If you want to eliminate sewing/stitch witchery altogether {I don’t think anyone would notice}, you could knock this project out in just 15 minutes!

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