DIY Nautical Garland

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A close up of nautical garland on the wall
Last weekend, I hosted a shower for my friend Becky. I wanted to create beautiful and simple decor that wouldn’t break the budget. I also needed to work in a short window of time. This garland was just the solution! Dangle it down or use it as bunting, in this case, I used it as a backdrop for photos of guests as they entered the shower.
crepe paper
jute twine
tape {I used gift wrap tape because it’s not shiny}
A close up of a blue piece of paper
To keep this project quick and consistent, I folded the crepe paper back and forth just a little longer than I wanted my flags to be.
A close up of a blue piece of paper
Next, dovetail them, cutting out a triangle shape.
A close up of a piece of paper
In one snip, cut the other side of the flags to “disconnect” them.
A close up of a blue fabric
Tape the flags to twine to adhere each one.

Paper and burlap string

and enjoy your easy and inexpensive garland!
Nautical garland on the wall
The best part? Becky asked to take it home for use in the little man’s room.
Two women posing for a photo