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DIY Fabric Labels for Weddings, Showers, and Home

If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know that I like to share easy projects that anyone can do.  Even a working mother of two, who may be on a lap while a project is being completed!  I hope you find the inspirations I share useful and love to hear what you do with them yourself!
For this project, you need:
a paper cutter or scissors
piece of card stock
piece of fabric {I prefer to use Buckram because it’s stiff and therefore the easiest to use}
spray adhesive
item you would like to label
Cut your fabric to 8.5 x 11 so that it will fit in your printer.
Spray a piece of card stock with adhesive {best done outdoors} and adhere to your fabric.  I used an extra piece of kraft stock I had on hand.  Because the fabric is not tightly woven, you need to do this for your printer’s sake.
Run it through your printer {making sure it will print on the fabric side}, just as you usually would.  
Allow the ink to dry for a minute or two.  Carefully remove the card stock from your fabric {with clean hands…should you get any glue on your hands, any dirt will transfer to the fabric}.
Cut your fabric to size.  Spray the back of the fabric with your spray adhesive {outdoors} and adhere to the glass.
Start to finish in less than 15 minutes!  The potential for this project is infinite!  Just a few ideas:  table numbers for a wedding on wine bottles, labeling your sugar, flower and coffee canisters in your kitchen, or your detergents in your laundry room, labels for gifts such as this sugar scrub or housewarming gift.
{this little frame was downloaded from Graphics Fairy, a great resource for vintage images!}
I’d love to see what you create with this easy DIY tutorial!  Send your photos here.
First photo courtesy of Amanda Eaton Photography


10 comments on “DIY Fabric Labels for Weddings, Showers, and Home”

  1. I really love that … the fabric makes it so much more beautiful. I’d never think to do that for a bottle label. I’m pinning … thanks!

  2. Lovely idea. Thank you for sharing all the details to recreate this beautiful label.
    Happy Weekend! Enjoy!!

  3. Love these – what a fantastic idea. I have only ever bought the fabric sheets to print on but they are expensive – looking forward to trying this!
    Lowri 🙂

  4. I didn’t even know they existed! This is quick, easy and inexpensive. My 3 favorite things! Thanks for reading! I hope you continue to find inspiration from my blog!

  5. Now that’s crafty! Great output from very cheap and simple materials – now that’s creativity. This is a pretty neat idea!

  6. Amazing tutorial.. Thank you .. Quick question.. Is the buckram double sided? Kind regards

  7. Hi there Julie, that was one creative idea. Something that is so unique and easy to do. I think I should try this in one of the weddings or on an event. Thanks for the awesome share and keep up the good work here.


  8. Hi Julie. Great idea only I am somewhat confused how do u get the picture on material and then print it?

    • Sorry, Lynne! You can print from your computer using the program of your choice just as you would with paper. I usually use PhotoShop or Microsoft Word. Enjoy!

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