DIY Burlap Vase

LAST UPDATED: Apr 07, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Nov 13, 2009 | By:
This project is as simple as it’s appeal!
Remnant of burlap
Cylinder or square vase
Double stick tape
Laying the vase on it’s side align the bottom of the fabric to the base of the vase. Cut burlap 3/4 of an inch above the top of the vase. Using double stick tape, secure the fabric to the vase from bottom to top. Roll the vase and trim the fabric where it now meets. Again, secure fabric with tape to the vase. At the top of the vase, tape the excess inside. Tie with a ribbon to garnish.

I love using hydrangea because just one or two blooms are large enough to fill the vase and no arrangement is necessary.

For an alternative, drop a votive in the vase for an illuminating candle!

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