Date Night Bucket List

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  • I created a summer bucket list for our family to keep us from becoming bored or uninspired. As I was planning a night out for our anniversary, I realized I should to the same for dates! Why not put the same thought into spending thoughtful time with my husband. I always have ideas, but when it comes time to actually going out, we always just end up at dinner. Stars note dates we have been on since I started the list. I may even add a few photographs along the way.

    Sporting Kansas City game {if you haven’t been, you’re missing out & that’s coming from a non-sports fan!}
    Standees {dinner and a movie, all in one}
    Boulevard Brewery Tour
    Roasterie Tour
    Visit a winery
    Amigoni Urban Winery
    Listen to jazz at The Majestic or Plaza III
    Thursday night music at Park Place on the patio
    Oak Room for live music and port
    Lush and Brush {painting and wine}
    Nelson Atkins Art Museum
    Brunch at Cafe Sabastienne at Kemper Art Museum
    Gondola ride
    Picnic in the park
    Dinner and tasting at Bier Station* {loved it! don’t miss the pretzel with aoili}
    Drive-in movie

    With three little ones, it will take us a while to complete this list, but I’m looking forward to the journey! What are your favorite date ideas? I’d love to know! Please leave them in the comments below!

    I’d love to see your date photos! Follow me on Instagram @julieblanner Use the hashtag #datebucketlist

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