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cocktails & commercials Super Bowl party

Do you watch the Super Bowl? The actual Super Bowl where 2 football teams compete to become champions? I haven’t in years. Not since the Rams played in the Super Bowl. I love a Super Bowl party – it’s the one time of the year where you overindulge in finger foods & dips with social acceptance & without guilt. When the halftime show begins, the room suddenly grows silent as we all watch to see if there will be another Janet & Justin incident or just to enjoy artists like Madonna. My favorite element of the Super Bowl are the commercials. Sure, you’ll be able to watch them over & over again for months after, but there’s something about the anticipation {and significant price tag for a 30 second spot} that makes them much more enjoyable to watch at a party among friends. If you are like me, it’s all about the Cocktails & Commercials. I’ve created this easy, last-minute inspiration for an alternative Super Bowl Watch party.

Super Bowl drinks

Funny & Fruity Cocktails & Commercials signature cocktail

super bowl drink recipe

Who doesn’t have a Celeb Crush? Now it’s time to drink one.

5 minute garlic parmesan popcorn

and popcorn. I can’t resist a really great popcorn! Check out my recipe for 5 Minute Garlic & Parmesan Popcorn. Who needs to go to the movie theatre?

free printable super bowl game - bingo

I’ve always enjoyed a game night. This Super Bowl Commercial BINGO will add to the fun of your Cocktails & Commercials party.

free printable super bowl games

I’d love to take home the trophy for the Commercial Bowl, a Super Bowl commercial trivia game. I guess it wouldn’t be fair, would it? Either way, you can win by using the free printable!

super bowl party decorations

Onto the decor! My life and entertaining style is always last minute. Above, I added one of Chris’ footballs into a champagne chiller to transform the room without spending a dime or more than a minute.

easy super bowl party decorations

last minute super bowl party decorations

I did the same with the brass dish on the mantel. It’s easier and more beautiful than party store decor, don’t you think?

easy super bowl party decorations

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mini loaves of bread gift wrapped