Calm Water Cottage

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beautiful front porch with a pergola

Growing up, we towed our boat to various lakes to spend a day, weekend and occasionally a week to ski, tube and relax. Our favorite lake to visit was Table Rock lake because the water was calm and clear and there was plenty to do on the occasional rainy day. My mom had dreamed of having a lake house there when she retired, but before she had the opportunity, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and succumbed to her illness. I had always wanted to realize her dream and return to the water, sharing the joys of my childhood with our girls.


When Chris and I started dating, we frequented a lake and dreamed of having a lake house and boat, in what seemed to be the distant future. For so many years, through medical school and residency, paying down student loans it seemed it would continue to be our dream, but I’m so proud to say that this summer, we were able to make it a reality and it’s so much better than what we had envisioned!


With the help of a friend, I’ve named it Calm Water Cottage, so you can follow along our lake cottage adventure on Instagram {#calmwatercottage}. We’re at the end of a peaceful cove, in a darling home that’s not too big, nor too small. We look forward to raising the girls there and of course I am so excited to share a few glimpses into our new lake cottage with you!

beautiful front porch with a pergola

When we initially looked at the home, I planned on removing all of the wallpaper with the exception of the guest bedroom, but when we returned this last weekend for the first time I realized it had grown on me and with the help of a few accessories, might even be beautiful. This home is all about using our resources wisely!

accessorizing to make dated wallpaper work

Still, there are a few rooms that will have wallpaper or border removed, like the kitchen, basement living room and girls’ bedroom, but I want our home to be a relaxing retreat – not a project. I hope you enjoy following along our journey of making the most with what we have versus a full renovation {like we’re living in now}.

accessorizing to make dated wallpaper work

While not the dream cottage we had planned on building, or even my dream cottage when we pulled into the driveway, I’m head over heels in love with it and the way I feel when we’re there. Even the yellow exterior is growing on me! Some more sneak iPhone photos:




If you want to see my plans for our lake cottage, join me on Pinterest for lots of planning!


Come by for a visit for my Strawberry Wine Slushies that I’m making to celebrate!