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Everything you need to know about calligraphy pens and which one is right for you.


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I’m so excited for my new calligraphy course in collaboration with Alicia of On Three Designs and am going to break it down for you step-by-step. Today’s lesson is all about calligraphy pens. Hopefully this answers all of your burning questions, but please feel free to comment below if I’ve missed anything!

What is the difference between straight and oblique calligraphy pens?

There are two main calligraphy pens – a straight and an oblique {affiliate link}. A straight is just as you would think – straight with the nib inserted into the top of the pen itself. An oblique pen has a flange that holds the nib and forces it to write at an angle. The flange allows you to write at an angle more naturally without having to adjust your paper.

straight calligraphy pen
straight pen
oblique pen for calligraphy
oblique pen

Which calligraphy pen is best for beginners?

The best calligraphy pen for beginners is often a straight calligraphy pen, but some are more comfortable starting with an oblique to take advantage of the angle. I recommend purchasing both and seeing what you’re more comfortable with, then continue practicing with the same calligraphy pen. Choose the pen that allows you to naturally produce the thick and thin lines that we’ll be discussing in an upcoming lesson.

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What calligraphy pen is best for left handers?

Pens with a flange on the right are designed for lefties while it seems most prefer a straight pen. {Alternatively, oblique calligraphy pens with the flange on the left were created for right-handed writers}.

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What is the difference between a fountain and calligraphy pen?

While you dip both, a fountain pen is actually very different from a calligraphy pen. A calligraphy nib will release more ink than a fountain pen making it better suited for calligraphy while a fountain pen is better suited for writing.

Where to purchase calligraphy pens:

Stay tuned…next I’ll be sharing how to insert the nib complete with video. See you soon!

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