Bird Mobile

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  • Bird Mobile from

    Bird template
    Heavyweight paper
    Craft knife
    Screw punch
    White glue
    Embroidery floss
    1/8-inch armature wire
    Wire clippers
    Brown floral tape
    Pink and green card stock
    Flower craft punch
    Leaf craft punch
    Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks

    Bird Mobile How-To
    1. Print templates onto heavyweight paper. Cut out shapes with a craft knife. Punch holes where marked.

    2. Assemble birds, running white glue along the slits to secure pieces in place. Thread a 6- to 12-inch (depending on how low/high you want your bird to hang) length of embroidery floss through each hole.

    3. Cut 12- to 18-inch lengths of 1/8-inch armature wire with wire clippers. Wrap with brown floral tape. Repeat with a couple different lengths of armature wire. Attach 3 to 4 lengths together to form branches.

    4. Punch flowers from pink card stock. Punch leaves from green card stock. Punch a hole in the center of each flower and bend petals upwards.

    5. Double-knot embroidery floss a quarter inch from one end, then cut 2 inches down from knot, creating a stamen (knot and above) and a stem (below the knot). To stiffen embroidery floss, dip it into glue and run through your fingers to spread glue down floss; let dry.

    6. Feed the “stems” through the holes in the center of the petals to create small flowers. Hold a flower upside-down by stem, put a dab of hot glue onto the underside of the hole, and add a leaf. Repeat with all punched flowers.

    7. Use floral tape to attach flowers to branches. Tie birds to branches, balancing against each other, to finish mobile. Tie a length of embroidery floss or monofilament to the center of the mobile to hang.

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