Baby Gift

Sometimes gift giving just comes easy.  You know exactly what your friend wants, you select direct off the registry, or have a creative idea in mind.  Often, with second and third children, it can be difficult to find something that the parents “need.”  While that’s not the case here, I think this gift idea is perfect for second, third and fourth children.  
Often in the Fall, my schedule just isn’t conducive to any other weekend activities.  Unfortunately, due to this, I was unable to take part in planning a shower for my dear friend.  Instead, I wanted to give her growing family, a special baby gift.  As you know from previous posts, I think having photos taken at home are incredibly special.  
Using their nursery theme and my print on fabric method, I created a one of a kind gift certificate for an in home session with a local photographer.

When presenting a gift certificate, I think wrap is important.  I coordinated with a beautiful box and thick red ribbon.

Do you have a favorite baby gift idea?  Do you like giving gift certificates or tend to shy away from them?

I hope they cherish their newborn session as much as we do ours!
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