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If you can’t tell, I’m excited to share every detail of our impending kitchen renovation with you. I have invested a considerable amount of thought into each decision we make and hope that should you want to tweak or renovate your kitchen in the future, you can benefit from my extensive research. When we did a light remodel to our last kitchen, I really wanted an apron front farmhouse sink. Unfortunately it would have required reworking the cabinetry which just wasn’t in the budget. 

apron front farmhouse sink


Fast forward 4 years and my dreams of an apron front farmhouse sink are coming true! I knew I wanted a traditional porcelain or fireclay sink with beautiful curves. Beyond that, I had never really looked into them.

fireclay farmhouse sink with apron front

My friend Tori selected an IKEA farmhouse sink – it’s a beautiful budget friendly option, but I don’t want the fuss of cleaning the grooves and prefer a single basin. It’s durable, gives you the sleek apron front aesthetic and you can’t beat the price.

ikea apron front sink

Baldwin, Durant and Reinhard all make beautiful basic farmhouse sinks in a mid-level price range with the Durant being my favorite among them {all available at Signature Hardware}.

I decided to purchase the traditional Rohl Shaws Farmhouse Sink because of it’s beautiful curves, thick frame and the classic blue emblem that reminds me of my grandma’s crocks. Despite some negative reviews, kitchen designers turn to them time and time again, including my friend Toni Sabatino who I met last fall and assured me that I’ll be pleased.

farmhouse sink with apron front

AGK Design Studio

One thing I’m trying to embrace with our new kitchen is that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m aiming to select timeless, classic elements that will age gracefully even with a chip or a stain. I want to embrace imperfections just as my mother and grandmother did. While I appreciate the new materials that are heat resistant, scratch resistant, and attempt to look like the marble we all adore, I think we put too much weight on perfection. Do you agree?


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  • Amie Melnychuk says:

    We have the IKEA single basin farmhouse sink. It started great, but we are having a lot of stain transfer onto the material. We have to soak it in Oxi-clean about once a week to keep it shiny.

    How do others maintain their lovely, white apron sinks?

  • Robin Fink says:

    I have an IKEA single basin porcelain sink, I do not have ANY hard to clean crevices and no staining problems, but I do have two {tiny} chips { I am looking at you, large dutch oven}. I love it. It afforded me lots of high end options.Now, stainless steel sinks are popular.Ikea makes a gorgeous stainless steel sink with an apron front, it is also single basin. Of all things, I would recommend a single basin, to handle big items.

  • Elizabeth says:

    That’s my dream sink! What a lucky gal you are! We aren’t going to do our kitchen renovation for at least 5 years.

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