Adding Curb Appeal

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As they say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” The same applies to your home, which is why I was so excited to add a little curb appeal to ours!
A front door with a window and a wreath.
We removed dated and out of place items like a short railing along the front porch and decorative accents.

The power of a power wash
Power wash the sidewalks, porch and siding to brighten it up. For windows, I love using window cleaner that connects to the hose. In 5 minutes, they’re gleaming!

We sanded, primed and painted the front porch swing and replaced the old rusted chain with new chain. Rather than replacing faded shingles {that showed where the old, oversized numbers were}, we flipped them over and will allow them to weather to match the existing shingles.

We replaced the front door to create a more inviting entrance and allow light in our foyer.

A front door with a window and a wreath.
Update mailbox, hardware and light fixtures
As mentioned above, we removed old, oversized wooden numbers and replaced them with numbers in satin nickel. Our mailbox was previously at the side of our garage, which seemed inconvenient. We added a galvanized envelope mailbox for cottage curb appeal. Large copper lanterns were replaced with a single galvanized goose neck light fixture.
A silver outdoor light
galvanized goose neck light fixture
A close up of a door
new hardware
A mail box
Add or update a fence
We removed the rotted and dated elements of the fence while maintaining the posts. We purchased pickets and sections {depending on the location} which we painted and nailed in. This project couldn’t have been easier, and has added a lot of character! You don’t have to replace your entire fence for curb appeal, just the side facing the street.A white fence

A large lawn in front of a house

Trim trees
Trimming trees not only keeps them healthy, but can also create a great view of your home. After receiving a quote for trimming our trees, I quickly decided it would be another great DIY project! Using a pole pruner, Chris and I successfully trimmed our 3 trees in the front yard. This minimal investment saved us nearly $1,000!A large lawn in front of a house
We added water efficient plants and lined another garden with rocks.
A close up of a flower
Add window box planters
We custom built planters in Spring. They make ordinary windows far more extraordinary and disguise that they’re actually to the garage!
Flowers on a window sill.
diy window box planters overflowing with lavender and pansies
Add/update furniture
We added 2 white wooden rocking chairs to provide balance and add a little Southern charm to our Midwest home.A couple rocking chairs sitting on the porch of a house.
Add accessories
I created these easy DIY galvanized planters to line our covered front porch with lavender. I used the same concept to create an easy garden hose holder to coordinate {planters work too!} hidden behind hydrangea and a galvanized watering can for convenience. Outdoor pillows are a great decorative element while adding comfort. A wreath and a door mat complete the look, welcoming guests.
A bucket with a green plant that has small flowers.
diy galvanized planters
A bucket being filled with water.
diy hose holder
A wreath on a door
sasal & rose wreath
A brown door mat
woven rope for a coastal touch

Add function
The lavender pots repel mosquitos while the rocking chairs provide additional seating for us to watch the girls play and socialize with neighbors. Think about how you use the space and everything seems to fall in place.

A close up of a flower
mosquito repelling plants
A close up of a flower
fragrant lavender
A plant in a bucket
diy planters
and a couple of street views of our home…
A tree in front of a house
A large lawn in front of a house