Adalyn’s First Birthday Party

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A preview into Adalyn’s first birthday party.  Details, recipes and diy instructions still to come!
A piece of lavender tied with a bow.
I just can’t believe it!  This “1” wreath marked the occasion!
A white cake with various brown and gold decorations and sweets.
An overview of the dessert bar.  Doilies served as placements for the birthday cake, plates and napkins.   A mix of white cake stands and platters were used along with a painter’s canvas for a soft, yet rustic look.  The monogram wreath made a great backdrop.


A white birthday cake with purple, lit candles.
I envisioned a simple cake loaded with Creative Candles for a pop of color.


A picture frame with string and small pictures on it.
Favorite photographs and milestones hung from an empty frame.


A framed picture of a baby in a pink tutu.
A slideshow of Adalyn’s first year played to showcase her and minimize the television.
The mantle was adorned with eyelets and ribbons.  For more details, click here.

mini loaves of bread gift wrapped