Adalyn & Aniston’s Joint Birthday Party

LAST UPDATED: Apr 03, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Jan 07, 2013 | By: Julie Blanner
I did it. I hosted a joint birthday party for Adalyn and Aniston. It was always my intent to give them separate birthday parties, but at this age, they love doing everything together, not to mention making it easier for family to travel and celebrate them. I have to say, they didn’t seem to mind one bit.  
The details:
I confess. After 3 years of longing for it, I purchased a pink milk glass cake stand.  It hosted the salted caramel cake from the NYE photo shoot compliments of Classic Cakes.  I removed the decor, smoothed the buttercream, and added large confetti to easily decorate it myself.  Adalyn requested chocolate cake with marshmallow buttercream icing.  To make the day special for each of them, I made a small cake for each – a smash for Aniston, and Adalyn’s favorite, saving the adults from any candle blowing residue. 
For Adalyn’s first birthday, I made a milestone frame,  documenting the big moments in her first year. This birthday, I printed photos of each of them over the past year to use in various ways for the party decor. Above, a petal pink painted 1 and 3 were added to Adalyn’s shabby chic pin board I had made for her room along with some photographs.  It made a great backdrop.
I couldn’t resist sharing the gold tipped meringues, also made by Andrea of Classic Cakes.
I kept lunch easy – grilled cheese with bacon jam and tomato soup
Now onto cake.
To maintain a little individuality, I made them each a number backdrop of photos from the past year. As you can tell, Aniston was pretty proud of that one above her head. Their individual cakes were served on my grandmother’s milk glass plates and they sat at my mother-in-law’s childhood table and chair set. I love heirlooms and little nods to our families. 
For the cake smash, Aniston wore the tutu that both her and Adalyn wore for their newborn photos and Adalyn wore to her Aunt & Uncle’s wedding at 9 months. A good tutu is worth the investment! Have I mentioned that this girl loved all the attention? Daddy helped blow out her sparkler candle.
You’re really going to let me eat this?
Adalyn takes candle blowing seriously.
and cake eating. Isn’t she sweet?  
Yes, she wore her ballet shoes. She just loves to melt my heart.

What’s better than paper straws for a birthday party? Flavored straws. Adalyn loves the strawberry flavored straws for her milk. You can find them at the grocery store.

Using extra photographs I printed, I made a table runner, just draping them down the table. I loved reflecting over the past year through photographs.
Grandma Pat and her birthday girl.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful girls!