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10 Minute Cleaning Tips and Tricks

10 minute cleaning tips & tricks on

When it comes to cleaning, I’m all about a quick fix! In fact, when guests are coming over I wait until the last possible minute before I frantically scurry to pick up and clean our house! My friends Michael of Inspired by Charm, Laura of Finding Home, Jessica of Four Generations One Roof, Cheryl of Tidy Mom and KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms invited me to join them in their 10 minute series. One of the best aspects of blogging is the community. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know a lot of incredibly creative bloggers that are always inspiring me beyond the blog. Each month we’ll be sharing incredible things you can do in just 10 minutes! This month we’re sharing our 10 minute cleaning tips.

Honestly, all of my cleaning tips are in 10 minutes or less. If it’s not, it just doesn’t happen. I find 10 minute fixes to be easily achievable, making them far less daunting.

10 Minute Pickup

I have incorporated baskets throughout our home so that our 3 girls can pickup their toys in just 10 minutes! The living room, family room and their individual bedrooms all have baskets to make picking up a breeze. We also have a coffee table that conceals their collection of books.

10 minute cleaning ideas, tips and tricks on

Cleaning Light Fixtures

I love chandeliers, I despise cleaning them. Well, I used to. Light fixtures tend to collect dust and are often overlooked when cleaning your home. I recently discovered chandelier cleaner you can just spray on! It drips off and dries beautifully. Just place a large towel underneath. It doesn’t get any easier than this and your chandelier will be shining bright once again.

10 minute cleaning ideas, tips and tricks

Easy 10 minute cleaning fixes

Cleaning Exterior Windows

Even when we had easy tilt windows, I used this quick tip – attach Outdoor Glass Windex to your hose and spray! They dry clean, allowing  more light to filter into your home. Read 6 additional tips about adding light to your home here.

10 minute cleaning ideas, tips and tricks on

Cleaning Your Porch

To spruce up our front porch in just 10 minutes, I use the spray Windex as well! It’s great for cleaning exterior lighting, dust on brick, our pebble porch and door. Then use a clean eraser for stubborn scuffs and spots on your front door to give it a polished look.

10 minute cleaning ideas, tips and tricks on

Cleaning Wood Furniture

Give wood furniture added luster using Old English scratch cover.

Our dining room in progress - balancing dark wood furniture & minimizing dated features

Of course a clean home starts with an organized home. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, check out my tips to integrate organization into your decorating style and my organization ideas for every room.

I can’t wait to see the great ideas Inspired by Charm, Thistlewood Farms, Four Generations One Roof, Tidy Mom and Finding Home have!

10 minute cleaning tips and tricks

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31 comments on “10 Minute Cleaning Tips and Tricks”

  1. Great tips! Can you share the name of the chandelier cleaner?

  2. Great tips Julie, and that floor lamp/chandelier…I’m in love with it!

    and I love the tip about the light in the closet, we are planning a closet makeover soon, and I’m going to look for a light with some bling!

  3. If I follow all of your tips do you promise my house will look as clean and beautiful as yours? 😉

    Fabulous, Julie!!

    xo Michael

  4. Looks beautiful Julie! I have those same purple flowers that you have in your planter ! 🙂 Just planted them!

  5. Julie,

    Awesome tips my friend! Thank you so much for taking my breath away with your photos, too!

    Have a great day rock star!

  6. Recent post question….. your chandelier cleaner, can you share the product? Please!

  7. ya its really great and useful for me. as per my nature i am lazy and don’t want to clean then but with the help of these idea and product surely my house also will be clean today

  8. I love the standing chandelier! Looks like the ones from Restoration Hardware. Is that were you got it?

  9. Your tips are just what I needed. I hate spending hours in cleaning and your post is pure gold for me. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love chandeliers too. I agree that they are really beautiful. However it’s not a secret that it’s very difficult to clean all these crystals. This special chandelier cleaner it’s a great discovery! I will look for it. Thank you for this great idea!

  11. I could really use your advice about the ten minute clean up. It seems like taking out only a little bit of time a day to clean would help out quite a bit around the house. However, it is important to remember to do more deep cleaning as well. This kind of cleaning will be very useful when it comes to just keeping things looking tidy.

  12. Hi, Julie! Your post is awesome! I clean the home very fast too because I am ruining out of time lately. I do a deep cleaning just once a week.

  13. When you have a baby cleaning becomes so much more important! Awesome post!

  14. That is one very good post you have written! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Your room looks really well-organized. Thanks for sharing great tips.

  16. If I ever get around to investing in nice lighting fixtures, I will definitely take the time to care for them right. It sounds like you found the best way to clean it, though! That will probably be just the motivation I need to go out and invest in a good home lighting fixture!

  17. This is one fantastic post with so many useful tips and tricks. You made my life a little bit easier for which I am very grateful!

  18. Where do you find Hagerty cleaner? Never heard of it. Thanks.

  19. I like the idea of doing cleaning in ten minute bursts. I personally can get overwhelmed when I start thinking about all the cleaning I need to do. However, focusing on one thing at a time, like doing a ten minute pickup, can make the task much more manageable. Thanks for the suggestions!

  20. You would be surprised how much you can power clean in 5 to 10 minutes. 😛

  21. Your home looks lovely, and well maintained. These are great tips in terms of keeping house clean and organized.

  22. Your home always looks pristine! Thank you for these tips! That chandelier cleaner might save my life.

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