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I’ve been anxious to share some of our home remodel and decor with you.  Unfortunately, I have the horrible habit of starting one room, and before completing it, moving on to another.  The Master Bedroom is almost complete!
To remodel this space, we removed old wood shutters, painted the windows {but retained the hardware}, caulked and painted the moldings, painted the room and replaced the carpet.  We hung heavy woven cotton drapes for privacy.
I know, there is nothing cute about a tv, but it’s a must for me to fall asleep.  My chest of drawers is home to my jewelry box, a gift from my husband on Valentine’s Day the year we married, engraved with my then future initials, JAB.
We are so thankful that both of our nightstands fit in our new home!  We survived three years without and it wasn’t pretty!  Above, Chris’ side is home to a Pottery Barn task lamp and trunk along with a family photo {by RPM}.
Proving that you don’t have to spend money to redecorate your room, I utilized items I already owned.  I switched the matte in the Pottery Barn frames from the original burlap {used in our previous home} to the included white matte. A collection of my favorite books are displayed along with my travel jewelry case for convenience.  With a toddler running around, I can no longer risk leaving my rings loose on the nightstand!  The jar has been recycled from a bottle of lotion and I dried hydrangea from an old floral arrangement.  The jewelry tray has been seen quite a bit on this blog!  You never know where it will find a home next!
One of my favorite pieces in the bedroom is the trunk from my Grandma.  It holds additional pillows, blankets and a few family keepsakes.  Click here for the no sew toss pillow tutorial.
It’s time for the before photo:

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  • Reply January 13, 2012

    Miki @ Midwest Moder

    So pretty! Love it that Dusty made the cut too!

  • Reply January 14, 2012

    Jaf Gifts

    Looks very cozy and neat!

  • Reply March 1, 2012


    You did a great job. I love how your bedroom looked after the remodeling. It’s more warm and comfortable and collected. It reminds me of the old homes for sale I’ve seen in Asia.

  • Reply March 13, 2012

    Home builder perth

    Wonderful job with the renovation! I can definitely see the radical shift from the cluttered urban feel to the relaxing tropical aura of the new setup.

  • Reply March 21, 2012


    Congratulations on doing such a wonderful job! I can’t believe you did all this inexpensively. We are planning to remodel our children’s bedroom. Then, we’re going to paint the walls. Hopefully, our project turns out as beautiful as this one.

  • Reply March 29, 2012

    John Stevenson

    Not bad at all! You did a amazing job as if you’re professional.

  • Reply April 10, 2012

    Valerie Phillips

    The spaces are absolutely brilliant. I love the design and the combination of colors. You did awesome and it looks like the construction is professionally done.

  • I love the white themed minimalistic approach on the interior design. It maximizes the available space and make it seem more relaxing.

  • Reply May 18, 2012

    square columns

    That’s quite a very zen-like home. IT attracts serenity and makes you not want to leave its confines. Beautiful!

  • Reply May 22, 2012

    Michael Johnsons

    The interiors is stunning. I love how the bedroom is designed with subtle wall paint color combined with awesome furniture and accessories. Absolutely great job.

  • Reply November 19, 2013

    Aubrey Madrona

    awww. your puppy is sooooo adorbs! And yes, the bedroom is so cozy. I always love the color white in any parts of our home. Peaceful and soothing. <3

    • Reply November 19, 2013


      Thank you! It really is. I think of our home as a place to relax, so try to keep the color scheme soothing. Hope you have a great week!

  • Reply January 13, 2015

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